Worthington Pond Farm has five different patios, each with a unique character and charm.  Great for small groups to enjoy a relaxing afternoon picnic or early evening BBQ.   On occasion, you may encounter a folk singer or acoustic guitar player entertaining the visitors.  Each of these patios can be reserved for small groups planning a celebration, meeting, or fund raiser picnic.

Meditation Patio - where groups can hold meditation or yoga session...or enjoy music under a tent overlooking Worthington Pond. 


Worthington Junction Patio - a beautiful setting where model railroad was set up around a lovely garden with running stream, bridges, and fountain.

Upper View Patio - Terrific place to spread out and get a view of the entire farm and covered bridge.  

Central Patio  & Fire Pit - Groups can enjoy a small bonfire or cookout in this area, overlooking the pond with the covered bridge as a backdrop.